Bowel function and digestive comfort are depend on bodily movement.  Bowel motility slows when we become sedentary, which can lead to constipation.  Daily exercise is a key to overall good health and small increases in activity can have a big impact on bowel function.

If you have the option of taking a flight of stairs or the elevator, choose the steps.  Parking two spaces away from the closest parking space to add a bit more walking can easily increase your average daily activity.  

While increasing your daily activity may be a longer term goal, treating constipation is an immediate need to relieve the symptoms.  Occasional laxative treatment can help with constipation.  Laxatives come in several dosage forms, the fastest acting being rectal enemas and suppositories.  Suppositories work well and are trusted for daily bowel care by people with spinal cord injury.

Synalax is a stimulant laxative suppository that comes with disposable Sephure applicators for mess-free application.